A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Fairtravel Battle is a collectible card game without microtransactions, currently in early access.


No Microtransactions

Fairtravel Battle has no microtransactions of any kind. Each card and reward can only be obtained by playing the game. No hidden fees.

A variety of rewards

Earn gold through winning games, doing quests, or participating in competitive game modes which reward you prizes on completion.

Multiple customizable game modes

Battle with your collection in the Duel and Competitive Duel modes, pick one card at a time to make a deck in Draft mode, open several packs to make a deck in Sealed mode, or deckbuild in Explorer mode. Getting bored? Customize your experience by making variations of each game mode, with different rules.

Modding support

Want to add your own twist into the game? Change art? Add new card sets?

Play anywhere

Fairtravel Battle supports online and LAN play, and also solo mode versus the CPU. You can also play on all PC platforms, Android, and iOS (iOS Development Group).

We have a Discord server, a Reddit, and a Patreon!


All art is placeholder, and might not fit what you see


Windows (Stable) 121 MB
Version 30 43 days ago
Linux (Stable) 122 MB
Version 30 43 days ago
macOS (Stable) 121 MB
Version 30 43 days ago
Android (Stable) 128 MB
Version 30 43 days ago
Windows (Development) 125 MB
Version 31 35 days ago
Linux (Development) 124 MB
Version 31 35 days ago
macOS (Development) 135 MB
Version 31 35 days ago
Android (Development) 130 MB
Version 31 35 days ago

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I don't think I have enough system requirements to play this game :(

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Looks like you need a Unity upgrade, in fullscreen the Linux version doesn't display anything (a well known bug from earlier Unity versions).

Yeah, I'm not sure how to fix that. I'm using Unity 2018.2.14f, which is pretty recent. As I mentioned in the development builds, there's a workaround:

"Linux builds might start with bugged graphics. To solve this, go to ~/.config/unity3d/Flaming Torch games/Fairtravel Battle/, edit the prefs file, and change the fullscreen line to have a value of 0, and remove the two lines that give a width and height of 1."

Sorry for the trouble, though. Whenever I figure out how to properly fix this, I'll do so. It's a critical bug on Linux.


Just wanted to let you know the last update most certainly fixes that problem! At least, I've received reports that it's fixed.

Thank you kindly.