A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

This game is in pre-alpha!

Fairtravel Battle is a collectible card game at a very low cost.

A Living Card Game in nature, Fairtravel Battle is all about providing a great experience for all card game fans.

Planned game features

  • Duel mode where you battle your friends with a fully unlocked card pool
  • Sealed and Draft modes where you start with a limited card pool from cracking open booster packs
  • Highlander mode where you start with a small collection and earn new packs with each win
  • Play anywhere, even without internet. Just create a local lobby and create a wifi hotspot to connect to your friends near you
  • Customize your experience in a multitude of ways. Want to earn packs for winning? For losing? Want to remove card restrictions? Add permadeath to your current session?
  • Four game slots for each game mode. Experiment until you find the experience you're looking for!
  • No microtransactions for booster packs. The entire monetization is based on unlocking an entire card set at a time, for a small fee, which is active on all your game modes. You can unlock cards as you progress, or play in modes with fully unlocked collections!

How can I get involved?

We have a Discord server, a Reddit, and a Patreon!


All card art is placeholder, as well as the art for the card backs.

Please have some patience while the game is in development. Sometimes bugs will slip past, and might take a while to get fixed.

Install instructions

There are interactive tutorials in-game. 

Please remember that right now the game is in an early stage so it will (hopefully) be updated regularly and things will be broken/changed with each version.


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