A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

This game is in alpha!

Fairtravel Battle is a fun, cheap, and customizable card game.

Planned game features

  • Duel mode where you battle your friends with a fully unlocked card pool
  • Sealed and Draft modes where you start with a limited card pool from cracking open booster packs
  • Collector mode where you start with a small collection and earn new packs with each win
  • Quest mode where you explore a labyrinth in order to find amazing treasure, battling through random events as you explore
  • Battle the Artificial Intelligence if you feel like playing solo
  • Play anywhere, even without internet
  • Customize your experience in a multitude of ways. Want to earn packs for winning? For losing? Want to remove card restrictions? Add permadeath to your current session? How many packs you have?
  • Four game slots for each game mode. Experiment until you find the experience you're looking for!
  • Buy a card set, not booster packs
  • Brand new card set, Adventurers of Fairtravel, coming very soon!

How can I get involved?

We have a Discord server, a Reddit, and a Patreon!

There are also Development builds you can try, if you'd like to try new features while they're in development!


All art is placeholder, and might not fit what you see

Please have some patience while the game is in development. Sometimes bugs will slip past, and might take a while to get fixed.


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Version 23 44 days ago
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Version 23 44 days ago
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Version 23 44 days ago
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Version 23 44 days ago

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