Version 31 Devbuild 2

What's New

  • Started adding new in-game tutorials
  • Added tutorials for Collection Screen, main screen, Quests, Game Mode Settings
  • Lich Lord now deals 1 damage when you summon an undead (from 2)
  • Updated some icons
  • Added Golem cards
  • Added Redan Entertainer
  • Updated card frames
  • Added card styles rewards support
  • Added new card frames (Fantasy Frame, Vintage Frame)
  • Disabled Competitive rewards from CPU lobbies (can still be earned in pvp lobbies)
  • Added remote reward data for remote reward balancing
  • Fixed a mulligan animation bug
  • Added credits screen in settings menu
  • Added support for modding booster packs
  • Added support for previewing full art of cards in-game

New Cards

Known Issues

  • Golems were not thoroughly tested
  • Some tutorials are missing their images, but the text can still be read

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