Version 31 Devbuild 6

What's New

This should be the final dev build before the proper update! It's been a long time coming (it's been over 90 days since the last stable update), but we're finally close!

  • Added Humble cycle of Explore for Affinity cards
  • Added Al'Kai, Ancestor of All
  • Added Crustacean Celebration
  • Finished new in-menu tutorials
  • Fixed cards like Cores that reduce cost on cards in hand to properly refresh the hand when removed
  • Flame Lord no longer deals damage to yourself
  • Cawn now has 20 HP and more deck points
  • Added new cover art


Windows (Development) 381 MB
Version 31 Nov 09, 2019
Linux (Development) 385 MB
Version 31 Nov 09, 2019
macOS (Development) 303 MB
Version 31 Nov 09, 2019
Android (Development) 294 MB
Version 31 Nov 09, 2019

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