Version 31 - New card styles and tutorials, balance changes, improved modding, quality of life changes

What's New

New In-Game Tutorials

New card styles

New Cards

Card Changes

  • Elemental Kin now summons a token rather than putting it in your hand
  • Empower Weapon now costs 3 (down from 4) and acts until end of turn
  • Fixed cards like Life Core that globally changes costs in hand to properly refresh when removed
  • Weapons summoned from hero powers now have the first strike discount
  • Changed Arfactus into a 3/5 (down from 9/9)
  • Removed Treasure mechanic
  • Removed deck points system
  • Shattered Ghoul and Stampeding Beast now have the Token tag
  • Redan Thief now reads "Level up - discard a card, then draw a card" and is a 2/2 (up from 2/1)
  • Added new neutral affinity (Golem cards)
  • Lich Lord now deals 1 damage each time an undead joins your party (down from 2)
  • Ritualistic Bolt now costs 5 (up from 4)
  • Commune now costs 4 (up from 2)
  • Flame Lord no longer deals damage to yourself
  • Soul Eater Dagger now costs 4 to swing (up from 2) and only increases attack (instead of attack and cost)
  • Lifestream Ritual now costs 8 (up from 4)
  • Shattered Ghoul now reads "Level Up - Summon a Shattered Ghoul follower token"
  •  Curious Bird now reads "Soaring. Party - Give another target follower +2 ATK and Soaring until end of turn"
  • Parched Predator and Young Elemental now cost 3 (down from 4), are 2/2 (down from 2/6), and now gain +1/+1 (up from +1/+0)
  • Charging Ram now has 3 attack (down from 5)
  • Elemental Spitter now rests to deal 1 damage instead of dealing that damage when an elemental joins your party
  • Enflamed Elemental now deals 3 damage (down from 4) and you take 1 damage (down from 2)
  • Gift of Life no longer triggers from tokens
  • Ritualistic Summoner now only Explores for an elemental once
  • Treasure Dragon is now a 3/8 Guardian Soaring (down from 5/8 Guardian Soaring) and no longer has bounty
  •  Varlari Brute is now a 6/4 (down from 6/6) and no longer has bounty
  • Humble Seer now explores for Justice cards

Other Changes

  • Keyword displayers now appear in a simpler combined way
  • Improved texture formats for Android and iOS
  • Added support for safe area for the UI in Android and iOS, making the game run better on devices like iPhone X that have a full screen and physical areas covering the screen
  • Updated default card back
  • Added new cover art
  • Drafts no longer overdraft by 1 card
  • Added new booster pack types with specific characteristics
  • When you start a match, the game will tell you if you go first
  • Added credits scene
  • Added remote configuration data support so the game can be balanced without needing an update
  • CPU can now use targeted cards
  • Removed some cards that don't make sense anymore due to removed mechanics
  • Fixed invalid rewards preventing new rewards from being redeemed
  • Updated the default card frame
  • Added card style rewards
  • Disabled competitive rewards from CPU lobbies
  • Added support for steam and discord lobby invites
  • Improved modding support to allow for booster packs, default decks, and default game mode modding
  • You can now view a card's full art in-game when zooming on a card

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