What's happening next to Fairtravel Battle?

What's Happening?

Hey everyone! I imagine you have questions regarding the steam announcement. Why is FTB "Coming Soon" on Steam?

I apologize for not really giving details in my last post, but I was sort of in a hurry at the time (and also excited at the idea of finally having a steam page for FTB), and things have finally calmed down.

Yes, FTB will come to Steam in late 2020. Why not immediately? Because it's good practice to let a new steam game gather interest (wishlists) before actually releasing it. As a result, I set myself a target to prepare the game as much as possible before putting it on sale in Steam.

FTB will eventually (most likely soon-ish) turn into a paid game. That was always the goal at some point, of course. FTB is a very important project for me but I need funds to make games, so it's only natural that FTB would become commercial at some point. It's been a tough journey starting from nowhere, investing my own time and money, to get where FTB is at now.

What's going to happen next?

I'm planning to do a crowdfund in itch.io at some point. You'll be able to buy the game and reserve a steam key for when the steam version comes out.

There'll be extra rewards in tiers depending on how much you wish to invest. Among them there are the following:

  • Name in the credits
  • Unique card(s) based on a theme of your choice
  • A playmat based on a theme of your choice
  • A hero based on a character of yours (themed for the game)
  • Unique codes with cosmetic rewards to use in the in-game shop
  • Name NPCs in the campaign mode
  • Encounters/Rooms in the campaign mode based on a theme or character
  • A set of two/four physical decks (real cards)

After the crowdfund, the game will be sold for a price of $10 (not final) while in early access.

What will be done for Fairtravel Battle this year?

I feel that FTB is in a pretty good place right now, and will only get better over time. There's still a lot of work to do, but right now this is the roadmap I have for this year:

  • New base set
  • New class/faction-based deckbuilding
  • Priority Windows/Responding to actions
  • Instants
  • Team-based multiplayer
  • Team-based Raid battles
  • Revamped multiplayer
  • Revamped UI/general experience
  • Campaign mode (Explorable RPG)
  • Quest mode (Roguelike direction-based labyrinth exploration mode, possibly with multiplayer too)
  • More customizable game rules for things such game elements such as costs, followers, starting cards
  • More animations and sounds for cards
  • Pass and Play support (for local duels and co-op)
  • Profile level system
  • Player-hosted servers

What else?

This is pretty much my plans for the future of FTB this year. I am very motivated to keep working on FTB for the foreseeable future, even after the final first version is released.

I know that FTB turning into a paid game might be a bummer for some of you, and I apologize for the inconvenience, but I hope you see my side and agree with my actions.

Thank you all for your support, I can't wait to show you my progress in the next update!

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