Game Data Balance Patch/Android Hotfix

It has come to my attention that the Android versions of FTB aren't able to connect to the servers. This is a very big problem and I acted on that immediately. While doing so, I also prepared a new balance patch that should make the game much more fun!

What happened?

Android was having some performance issues in what I assume would be a lot of devices. I found the problem, solved it, and made a hotfix (a hotfix is an update that fixes a big problem).

I thought I tested it properly at the time, but unfortunately I hadn't realized that I was using a some code that wasn't fully compatible with the server.

As a result, I quickly made a fix to that version just now, and it should hopefully work properly.

What's that about a balance patch?

While fixing this, I also released an updated game data version that also adds some balance changes to the game. I didn't like that several good cards weren't being used, so I wanted to fix that. This patch doesn't need a whole new download (except for Android, due to the issues mentioned above), you should be able to download it in-game.

Here are the changes:

  • Al'Kai now has Tactician, costs 3 and has 2 health (down from 4 cost and 3 health)
  • Amanda now costs 6 cost (down from 10 cost )
  • Anguished Soul is now a Rare card
  • Banish has been renamed to Dismiss
  • Blazing Longsword now has a swing cost of 2 cost (down from 3 cost )
  • Commune now costs 3 cost (down from 4 cost )
  • Cursed Soldier now costs 5 cost (down from 6 cost ), has 3 attack (down from 4 attack ), and its activated power costs 1 cost (down from 2 cost )
  • Dark Assistant is now a Human rather than an undead
  • Gift of Life now allows token followers to trigger it
  • King of Beasts has been renamed to Beast Lord
  • Life Mage Dana now summons crabs instead of guardian treants
  • Lifestream Ritual now costs 6 cost (down from 8 cost )
  • Nalari Passionbringer now costs 4 cost (down from 5 cost) and has 3 health (down from 4 health )
  • Rage bringer now deals 1 damage to you when it joins your party (down from 2)
  • Soul Fire now costs 3 cost (down from 4 cost) and deals 4 damage (down from 5)
  • Tarin Spellburst now doesn't gain attack from exploring for abilities, and has 4 health (down from 5 health )
  • The Painter has been renamed to "Hon Sweetperson, The Painter", his abiities work with any follower, and gains 1 resource instead of 2.
  • Varlari Taunter now has 5 health (down from 6)

What now?

The next update is still being worked on, and involves a lot of big changes, so it'll take a while. I'm hoping to give more news to this in the coming weeks.

I apologize to the Android players who tried the game recently for the inconvenience, and I hope you'll give the game another chance soon.

Thank you very much for your support!


Android (Stable) 294 MB
Version 31 Jan 14, 2020
Android (Development) 294 MB
Version 31 Jan 14, 2020

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