Redefining Expectations - What can you expect from Fairtravel Battle?

Something that has caused a lot of confusion about Fairtravel Battle is how exactly it will work business-wise, and what it can offer that games like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering don't already provide.

After thinking about this for a long time, I've decided that I need to redefine what Fairtravel Battle actually is.

I'm just a small indie developer with barely any resources. Almost everything art-wise in Fairtravel Battle is a placeholder, temporary art at best. I don't have a lot of funds or man power to even make anything that could compete with the mainstream collectible card games (CCGs), which is the closest genre FTB is.

So I've decided to essentially mix two different genres with different expectations to come to a simple conclusion:

Fairtravel Battle is a Living Collectible Card Game (LCCG)

What is a Living Collectible Card Game?

A Living Collectible Card Game is a mix of the Living Card Game and the Collectible Card Game genres, which makes it a game that you purchase once, there's no microtransactions for content, may have paid or unpaid expansions, and it's more like a collectible board game rather than a competitive game you play for years with regular new content.

Why this change?

Honestly, this doesn't change a thing. It's been the plan from the start.

Over the years, many people appeared who expected Fairtravel Battle to be bigger than it is destined to be. Honestly, it's practically impossible for a small indie developer to reach a competitive level equal to the level of a huge company like Blizzard or Wizards of the Coast.

In a way, being a Living Collectible Card Game also makes Fairtravel Battle its own genre and its own niche, and gives it its own identity.

I understand that several people might stop liking Fairtravel Battle after this, and that is totally understandable. But I have to set boundaries on what is expected and to help players get their expectations in a clear way. It's a case of "Can't make everybody happy".

I thank you kindly for your understanding, and I totally understand if you decide to stop following Fairtravel Battle after this. Thank you so much for reading this, and thank you for following the game until this point at least.

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