Version 32 Preview - New Experience (Part 2)


Progress on Version 32 is going well, as almost all features are implemented (but not bug-free). Here's the progress since last time:

New Custom Game Rules

There are 33 new game rules added in this next update, which I hope will allow for some really fun custom game modes.

New Shop User Experience

(click image to see animation)

The new shop is almost finished, and it lets you purchase some new items like avatars. Remember, none of the purchases can be done with real money, they're all from earned Renown from playing!

New Draft User Experience

Draft now is a more immersive and enjoyable experience. Additionally, you can see "thumbnails" to the card list items on the right, to more easily remember the card.

New Deck Editor User Experience

The deck editor/collection browser has been redesigned to be more user-friendly both for browsing cards and customizing your decks.

New pack opening user experience

(click image to see animation)

New Mastery Reward System

(click image to see animation)

The new mastery system is fully operational now.

The way it works is, every 5 to 8 games you'll earn a new level, up to about 18 billion levels. The rewards you earn are randomized from profile to profile, and you can earn several rewards such as gold, renown, packs, cards, card styles, avatars, and playmats.

New Avatar System

Avatars and names now appear in-game

What's coming next

Now that the main features are in place, I'll be focusing on bugfixing and preparing the new card set. I will likely release the first devbuild for this version very soon, provided nothing goes wrong. However, please keep in mind that the first few devbuilds will be either very buggy or lacking some content, but still be perfectly playable.

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