Version 32 Preview - New Card Frames

I'm still hard at work on Version 32, and it's still gonna take a while.

Progress is definitely being made though, about 100 cards are now in-game, and I have started properly testing the new version in general. Expect a development build in the coming week or so!

And that brings me to this post's main focus: Our new card frames!

These are still work in progress, but I'm getting some pretty awesome card frames added into the game. The Fairtravel Battle's readability has been troublesome for me since the recent changes, and I want the cards to read well both digitally and physically. And here's the first try:

Neutral faction card frame

Explorer faction card frame

Protector faction card frame

I'd like to explain the choice in colors:

Protectors and Explorers are seen as mirrors, in a way. They're the main factions in the world, after all.

  • Explorers want to be free, so they're green, which can symbolize nature and going out into the world, as they do.
  • Protectors want to keep the world safe and stop the Explorers from going too far while also using their discoveries to better study the world. As a result, they're red, which can mean conflict, since they truly believe they're doing what they can to keep people safe while also not wanting to completely censor the explorers.
  • Neutrals are blue because it's a somewhat neutral color compared to red and green. Water (blue) nourishes grass (green) while cooling down fire (red). It can also represent the calmness the world wants to experience.

These are still a work in progress, and the colors and what I say here can change if needed.

I hope you guys like it, and I can't wait to get this update done soon! :)

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