Version 32 Development Build 1 Released


Finally, after many months, the first development build of Version 32 is available! This version in particular has a lot of bugs because of all the changes that were made, and it is currently content-incomplete as well. Please take it with a grain of salt! It will definitely get better over time.

What's Different?

  • New card frames
  • Reaction system which lets you respond to an opponent's plays
  • New main menu experience
  • New reward system
  • New custom game rules
  • New class/faction deckbuilding experience, with two fully implemented classes
  • Starting mana for all modes down from 2 to 0
  • New profile system with level up and avatar setting. Your profile will be lost due to a brand new and better data format, but they work with the old version.
  • Matchmaking system
  • 70 new cards
  • A lot of old cards removed
  • Bugs. Lots of bugs!

What's changing later?

  • Quite a lot of bugfixes
  • Refining the classes, their cards, and the new base card set
  • Decks will change to 60 cards once more
  • 100 or so new cards
  • More sounds
  • Fix animation bugs
  • New combat system

There's a lot to say and it's hard to think of everything, but I hope you find this new devbuild to be interesting, to say the least! Initial playtesting is making this look very promising, so I can't wait to see more!

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