Version 32 Development Build 2 Released


After over two months, the new devbuild is finally here! This is still considerably buggy, but should be playable!

As of right now, all class cards are implemented, and there's a default deck for each class.

After this, I'll be doing the factions, neutrals, equipment, and heroes, after which I'll be doing mostly bug fixes until this update is done!

What's Different?

  • Disabled Priority System (Due to this update being so huge and there being so much work ahead, I decided to disable this for now due to all the bugs it was introducing)
  • Improved in-menu tutorials
  • Fixes to class card offerings in Explorer
  • Updated card portraits
  • New default card back
  • Reduced classes from 9 to 6
  • Implemented all class cards
  • Adjustments to safe area support
  • Adjustments to User Experience
  • Weapons no longer have a swing cost
  • Adjusted Playmats
  • Renamed Soaring to Flying
  • Added Long-Range Mechanic (When this attacks, the defender deals no damage back)
  • Added Banish mechanic (Remove a card from the game)
  • Added several default decks


Windows (Development) 176 MB
Version 32 Jul 09, 2020
Linux (Development) 191 MB
Version 32 Jul 09, 2020
macOS (Development) 303 MB
Version 32 Jul 09, 2020
Android (Development) 177 MB
Version 32 Jul 09, 2020

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