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Who are we?

We'd like to introduce ourselves, for those who don't know who we are. While I'm talking as if we're more than one person, Flaming Torch Games is a small hobbyist indie studio in Portugal, consisting of more or less myself, Nuno Silva (Also known as Little Coding Fox). I have loved card games for a very long time and have always disliked how expensive it was keeping up with a competitive card game. So, I decided to make Fairtravel Battle, which has gameplay mechanics inspired on a particular card game I used to play, while making it my own thing.

What is Fairtravel Battle?

Fairtravel Battle is a very affordable collectible card game experience. Tailored specifically as a good experience for card game players, it has content for people who want to duel, people who want to play limited formats, and people who want to collect cards without buying booster packs.

What is done already in the current builds?

Fairtravel Battle is currently lacking a lot of content (about 3/4ths of the cards, and 3 of the game modes), and some content will be scrapped (the internet lobbies system will be removed eventually because it would add an upkeep cost to the game, and having players connect to each other directly works better for our vision of the game), but we plan on getting more content out pretty soon.

What's the plan?

Right now the plan is to release builds regularly (at least once a week), and to add more content before we focus back on the technical issues. After that the plan is to add support for the other game modes, and eventually the game mode customization options will also be fully supported.

What can we do now?

Right now, Fairtravel Battle is very playable. Only Duel Mode is available, we have limited deck editing support (you can't rename a deck), and some cards don't actually have their effects programmed in (like Trap cards), but for the most part the starter deck is a pretty good way to get started into the game.

For now, you can find our Trello with the currently planned tasks at the links in the front page, so you can have an idea of what was done and what is being planned.

We hope to bring you a great experience over time. Thank you kindly for supporting us by trying the pre-alpha builds.

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