Version 4 - New Game Mode, New Cards

What's new

New Game Mode: Delver

  • Uses no deck or booster packs
  • Pick a new card at the start of your turn, add it to your deck
  • At the end of your turn, return your hand to your deck and redraw
  • When you play a card, put a copy into your deck
  • You can find it in the Other category when choosing a game mode

New Card: Timoteo "Tim" Shattershot

Timoteo "Tim" Shattershot
Life Essence Affinity
5 Cost
Follower - Vilari
Intangible (Can't be attacked), Evasive (Can't be guarded against)

Gift of Life has been changed:

Gift of Life
Life Essence Affinity
3 Cost
Permanent Ability
When a Follower joins you, heal 2 damage from yourself

Squeesaur has been changed:

Life Essence Affinity
2 Cost
Follower - Beast
Deals no damage to attackers

Game modes are now organized by three categories: Duel, Limited, and Other

Minor bug fixes


Linux (Stable) 385 MB
Version 4 Nov 24, 2017
macOS (Stable) 303 MB
Version 4 Nov 24, 2017 187 MB
Version 4 Nov 24, 2017
Windows (Stable) 381 MB
Version 4 Nov 24, 2017
Android (Stable) 294 MB
Version 4 Nov 24, 2017

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