Version 5 - Balancing changes, Gameplay changes

What's New

Delver game mode has been changed:

  • You draw 5 cards instead of 7
  • Default Commune cards have been replaced by Growth cards and Crab cards, and there are less cards in your deck
Life Essence Affinity
0 Cost
Gain 1 Resource until end of turn
Life Essence Affinity
1 Cost
Follower - Beast

There's now an upper resource limit:

  • You can't go higher than 10 resources.
  • You can't go higher than that with cards such as Commune
  • You can't return a card to the deck using the +RESOURCE turn action

Timoteo "Tim" Shattershot has been changed:

Timoteo "Tim" Shattershot
Life Essence Affinity
5 Cost
Follower - Vilari
Unique, Intangible, Evasive

Commune has been changed:

Life Essence Affinity
2 Cost
Increase your resource cap. If you're fully capped, draw a card instead.

Multiple cards that are not currently working have been removed from the card pool (but are still in-game)

The Resolution Dialog has been re-enabled until the Options screen is implemented

Minor bug fixes

Known Issues

There's a bug with item cards like Herbal Vial not being properly displayed while in the Set zone


Linux (Stable) 191 MB
Version 5 Nov 26, 2017
macOS (Stable) 303 MB
Version 5 Nov 26, 2017 187 MB
Version 5 Nov 26, 2017
Windows (Stable) 176 MB
Version 5 Nov 26, 2017
Android (Stable) 177 MB
Version 5 Nov 26, 2017

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