Current Plans, Current Problems

Hello everyone,

After some playtesting over the past few builds I have noticed that the game is far too geared towards aggro right now. I have made some balancing changes to reduce this, and there are some incoming balancing changes coming next week, but I want to give you an idea of what my plans are for improving this and how I'll go about it.

Basically, there are four Essence Affinities in cards for Fairtravel Battle: Life, Passion, Justice, and Madness. Right now only most of the Life cards are in-game, and over time they have become something like a Swiss Army Knife: Life can remove Followers, Permanent Abilities, and Equipment, can summon token Followers, buff other Followers, it can protect with Guardians, and has a powerful draw engine in the form of Staff of the Earth.

Problem is, it does too many things. I realize I'm sorta treating Life like it can do almost anything, and I think that's a bad design. The essence affinity identities need to be stronger, and I need to design the other cards to have a clear idea of where I want to go about things on each affinity.

So, even though I did some more balance changes in the upcoming patch, I'll be focusing mostly on getting the other cards in, before I do any more changes. I realize that every affinity can't possibly do everything, so certain things have to go, and I have to ensure that there are cards for every play style, rather than focusing on aggro as much as I have (which was unintentional, nobody likes to lose to hyper aggro).

Once I have all cards in, I'll be doing more balancing changes whenever I see that something is far too strong, until I find some balance in how everything plays and feels.

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