Version 7 - Balancing Changes, New Cards

What's New

Fixed King of Beasts issues where its Lion Cubs wouldn't properly show as 2/2's

Fixed Gift of Life not handling events that summoned cards from thin air, like token summons

Fixed Vilari Groomer being incorrectly classified as a Beast

Crunch was changed

Madness Essence Affinity
4 Cost
Destroy a Follower
  • Crunch doesn't make sense in the Life Essence Affinity, so it was moved to Madness, which is more geared towards Followers and sacrifices/destroying Followers.
  • It's also not good that Life would be able to remove every single card type, since no one Essence should be able to deal with everything, as they're supposed to complement each other

Squeesaur has been changed

Life Essence Affinity
3 Cost
Follower - Beast
  • Squeesaur was a powerful early game card but at the same time sort of lost its identity over time
  • More defensive cards were required, since cards like Tree of Nurturing and King of Beasts were giving some really powerful buffs to other Followers
  • Squeesaur was turned into a decent early game Guardian as a result

Added Vilari Flinger

Vilari Flinger
Life Essence Affinity
5 Cost
Follower - Vilari
Party - Deal 3 damage to an opposing Follower
  • Vilari Flinger can remove or severely weaken stronger enemy Followers

Added Nature's Burst card

Nature's Burst
Life Essence Affinity
2 Cost
Deal 1 damage to a Unit for each Vilari you control
Draw a card
  • Nature's Bounty is a control oriented card that helps getting rid of threats or finishing off your opponent
  • Due to the nature of how Vilari cards work, they will likely be mostly used in a control oriented deck, since Beasts are more geared to aggro than Vilari

Removed Tree of Nurturing

Tree of Nurturing
Life Essence Affinity
3 Cost
Follower - Plant
Can't attack
Your other Followers have +1/+1
  • Tree of Nurturing gave too much of a bonus when combined with cards like King of Beasts
  • Due to how highly aggro the meta was becoming, Tree of Nurturing had to be removed

Known Issues

Damage displaying appears incorrectly when healing a unit, showing "+-2" when healing 2 damage. This has been fixed in the next build.

Nature's Burst does not currently draw a card when used


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