What have I been up to? 01/08/2020

Hello everyone! I'd like to give you a bit of a report on what's been happening lately.

I've been working on FTB as usual, adding new cards and fixing things!

New Card Type: Armor

I have added a new card type, Armor. Armor cards have an armor amount and your hero gains that much armor as extra health at the start of their turn, or when you play an armor card. When you lose an armor card, that much armor is removed, as well.

Reworked cards and upcoming deck size changes

I've been reworking older cards to refine their design, as well as adding a lot of new cards. Right now we have 114 cards in the Adventurers of Fairtravel set alone! Plus another 18 or so cards in the Standard set, which contains Heroes and some standard tokens.

After we have a decent amount of card variety, the default deck size for decks will rise from 30 to 60, while limited format deck sizes will rise from 30 to 40! This is very exciting, as it will allow for higher level playing since your decks will be allowed to be much more refined and fun to play with.

New Assets

I've also been collecting some new asset packs to improve FTB's look and feel. As some of you may recall, FTB is planned to "genre-shift" into a RPG with card battles, while keeping the current collectible card game aspect intact. You'll be able to keep playing with (once team-based multiplayer is out) and against friends, as you have until now.

That's it for now. I can't wait till the next dev build is out! It's just missing some more equipment cards and it should be ready. I'll see you soon!

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