Version 32 Is Out - New main experience, class/faction deckbuilding, and more

At long last, after over 8 months of hard work, Version 32 is finally out!

What's New

New main experience

The main game experience has been redesigned completely. I felt that the game looked a bit ugly as it was back in version 31, and that we could use a more interesting progression system. So I redesigned the entire thing, which is where I spent most of my time in this update. There's too many changes there, so I'll stick to what's more relevant.

New card type: Armor

Armors give you a passive shield equal to their armor counter on the bottom right. It gets refreshed at the start of your turn, or when an armor enters and leaves your set zone.

Additionally, equipments now work on a class-based way. You can see which classes can use an equipment on the right side of the card.

New Reward System

Each time you play a full match, you'll be able to earn 2 to 3 mastery points. Every time you hit 12, you'll level up, and get a new reward from the rewards screen! This means that every 4 to 6 matches, you gain a new reward!

New card frames

We now have new custom card frames. Rather than reusing assets from asset packs, they're now almost fully original!

New Class/Faction deckbuilding

Rather than colors, Heroes now have a class and faction. Their class determines which equipment and abilities they can use, while their faction determines which faction followers they can use. This update also includes the first draft of the Adventurers of Fairtravel base card set.

There are currently 6 classes:

  • Animalists, shapeshifters and tamers of beasts
  • Arcanocrafters, tinkerers that combine magic with equipments
  • Dark Weavers, masters of the dark arts and wielders of powerful dark magic
  • Elementalists, who turn the elements to their favor
  • Paladins, holy warriors who fight for justice and sanctity
  • Scouts, spies who collect intelligence and assassinate targets when needed

There are three more classes coming to the game at a later time:

  • Brawlers, fighters and warriors
  • Mages, masters of the arcane
  • Summoners, masters of memories, able to summon their own and others' recollections to their side

What else is happening?

New planned update schedule

I believe that the update sizes I've been doing are unsustainable for a single programmer. As a result, I now plan on releasing smaller updates every couple weeks or months. The changes will be fewer, likely a bit incomplete, but it'll help to make sure the game gets regular updates.

New Collaborators

Recently, two new people have been helping me with Fairtravel Battle.

Apollexis is assisting me with card game design and some asset work, while Azure Meraki has been doing some art for the game at a great price.

I want to thank them both, as they've been working hard ever since they started working with me.

Some of the new cards have been designed by Apollexis, such as:

And Azure has just finished a new art for Tarin Spellburst, the Uncounterable (Hero):

I look forward to working with both Apollexis and Azure in the future. I'm hopeful we'll be able to achieve great things!


Windows (Stable) 381 MB
Version 32 Aug 20, 2020
macOS (Stable) 303 MB
Version 32 Aug 20, 2020
Linux (Stable) 385 MB
Version 32 Aug 20, 2020
Android (Stable) 294 MB
Version 32 Aug 20, 2020

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