Dropping support for mobile platforms

Hello everyone,

As you know, FTB supports both Android and iOS. After discussing this for a while, we have decided to drop support for mobile platforms.

The reasoning behind this is:

  • Mobile has been a blocker for years. Many times, we wanted to make a feature, and we'd go "oh, but it won't work on mobile..." and just not work on it
  • Mobile aspect ratios have been a nightmare ever since a mobile version existed, and the lack of good resources on how to properly achieve what we want + having multiple rows of cards made it hard for me to do a lot of things. It's why we have 6 followers limit rather than 7 like Hearthstone, or more.
  • Supporting multiple platforms is always going to be hard, and we're too small to really have the resources to do this the best way.
  • To support mobile, gameplay must be toned down. Which means if we wanted to make a truly amazing game, which we believe we should be able to, we can't.

We plan on making a more streamlined mobile version of the game later on, provided FTB actually becomes successful financially to warrant future expansions and content.

We know it's a disappointing decision to many of you, but we have to do what is best for the game, and we want to make the best game we can.

Thank you for understanding.

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