How we're doing updates from now on

Fairtravel Battle's updates have always varied regarding how long they took. We've been considering what the best ways were for dealing with better, planned updates, to avoid the situation from version 32 taking 8 months to complete

As a result, these are our new plans for updates: From now on, we'll do one of several types of updates, and we'll specify the goals of the update in the release notes of the previous update.

Tiny Updates

These updates take about two weeks to complete, and are distributed like so:

Development: 9 days

Testing: 5 days

Content Updates

These updates are mostly focused on adding new cards and likely don't feature any big game system changes. They usually take one month to complete.

Development: 3 weeks

Testing: 1 week

Major Updates

These updates are more costly, as they usually require big changes. They usually take two months to complete.

Development: 5 weeks

Development Build + Testing: 3 weeks

Maintenance Updates

These are special updates, in that they're used for maintaining the game's code and assets, ensuring we progressively fix the technical flaws and issues the game has. They likely don't introduce any new feature for you, but they help the game be more stable and work better.

Examples of this include adding new testing systems to ensure we have less bugs, or fixing bugs that have been a problem for a while.

These updates typically take up to three weeks to complete, but can go wider if there's a major improvement/fix in progress that changes a lot of things.

Development: 2 weeks

Testing: 1 week

With these new standards we hope to give you more focused updates that are more predictable.

Version 33 is planned to release within the next two weeks if all goes well. It is a Major update. We can't wait to show you what we've been working on!

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