Version 33 Development Build 1 Released

What's New

  • New art for Tarin Spellburst and Sul Farthal heroes
  • Re-Added Brawler and Mage classes
  • Updated card frames
  • Added dozens of new cards
  • Updated art for most cards
  • Added Quest Cards. You can use a quest card in your resource actions and it'll be put into your quest zone. At the start of your first turn you may get a free quest from your deck, but it won't grant you a resource action (you can still perform resource actions as normal for that turn)
  • New board layout that takes better advantage of standard PC aspect ratios
  • FTB now supports 16:9 and wider aspect ratios only
  • Changed Last Words to trigger whenever going to the discard pile
  • New Keyword: Second Wind - While your hero has 16 or less health, perform an additional effect
  • New Keyword: Ruthless - While an opposing hero has 16 or less health, perform an additional effect
  • New Keyword: Persistent - The first time this dies, return it to the field
  • Added Uncommon rarity
  • Card packs have changed from 6 cards to 18 cards. Distribution is 10 commons, 5 uncommons, and 3 slots that can each be rare/epic/legendary
  • Added new card pack opening animation
  • Added Extended Frame reward
  • Updated default decks
  • Draw+ now triggers at turn 7
  • Field zone now has a limit of 7 followers instead of 6
  • Re-Introduced Clairvoyance card ability
  • Updated all heroes' hero power to be a single 1/game passive power
  • Renamed Party to Deploy
  • Added new permanent ability subtype: Attachment
  • You may attach an attachment to a valid target and it performs an effect while it's in the set zone and the target is in a valid zone
  • Added Rest icon
  • Added one-time tutorials for screens
  • New Profiles now get default decks cards into their collection
  • Minor performance improvements


Windows (Development) 381 MB
Version 33 Oct 12, 2020
macOS (Development) 303 MB
Version 33 Oct 12, 2020
Linux (Development) 385 MB
Version 33 Oct 12, 2020

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