Version 9 - AI Preview Update

What's New

Added AI system, which makes AI game modes work

Fated Opponents trap now activates before the played Follower enters the field

Added Armor card support

Added Leatherwood Armor

Leatherwood Armor
Life Essence Affinity
6 Cost
Equipment - Armor Set
4 Armor
  • Leatherwood Armor can be rested when being attacked to prevent up to 4 damage from the next hit you take

Fixed Trap cards from being shown to your opponent when being played

Fixed Hand cards being unusable after a reconnect

Fixed targeted choices not being refreshed when an event happens after the prompt shows up

Minor bugfixes

Known Issues

The Delver game mode doesn't properly work with AI right now

An issue has been reported where the game server might desync in some cases, ending up with an incorrect game state. This is very rare, and is being investigated

Sometimes you can't attack or buff your King of Beasts. This is being investigated, and might affect other cards


Linux (Stable) 354 MB
Version 9 Dec 24, 2017
macOS (Stable) 303 MB
Version 9 Dec 24, 2017 187 MB
Version 9 Dec 24, 2017
Windows (Stable) 350 MB
Version 9 Dec 24, 2017
Android (Stable) 260 MB
Version 9 Dec 24, 2017

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