Changes to the next update / Version 34 Development Build 1 is out

Changes to the next update

Due to unforeseen complications, the team lobbies update will be moved to version 35.

The team lobbies update is quite big and we already have a working prototype, however there's a lot of situations with desyncs and other things that will take a considerable amount of time to take care of.

Since there's a need for several fixes in the game due to balance changes and other necessary improvements, version 34 will instead focus on those.

Version 34 Devbuild 1

The first development build of version 34 is finally out. There's still a lot of work ahead, but here's the major changes:

New User Experience

New Feature: Weekly Chest

Each match will allow you to progress your weekly chest, which will grant you a considerable amount of rewards as you increase its level at the end of the week.

New card art

Other Changes

  • Resource actions have swapped places (left to redraw, right to gain resources)
  • New Game Mode: Growth Duel - Your resources now increase each turn, and the "gain resources" action now gives you 1 temporary resource instead)
  • New Keyword: Journey (Journey X: At the start of your turn, put a Journey counter on this card. If it has exactly X counters, perform an effect)
  • Most Hero Powers have been replaced with a Journey effect, making them more streamlined and less impactful on your resources
  • Arfactus' Hero Power now puts the top 3 followers from your deck into the field rather than each follower from the top 3 cards of your deck
  • Rewards in the rewards screen now increase their requirements, as well as amount, over time
  • Removed 5-win / 3-loss rewards from all game modes
  • Card Packs can no longer be dragged
  • Added new animations to some cards
  • Lots of smaller bug fixes

Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress build, and there's likely a lot of issues. We'd really appreciate if you commented, joined the discord, or otherwise contacted us, with feedback and bug reports.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope to show more progress soon!


Windows (Development) 381 MB
Version 34 Dec 11, 2020
Linux (Development) 385 MB
Version 34 Dec 11, 2020
macOS (Development) 303 MB
Version 34 Dec 11, 2020

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