Version 34 Development Build 2 Released

This update is mostly fixes to the previous devbuild

What's New

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't return to the main menu after a match
  • Fixed Weekly Chest functionality
  • Explore power now reveals the top 5 cards and puts the cards you don't pick on the bottom of the deck
  • Berserking Stampede is now a Dark Weaver ability
  • Galeran of The Forest is now a 2/2 (down from 3/3)
  • Fixed Journey Powers of several heroes not triggering or advancing
  • Fixed a crash on Phylactery of Foresight
  • Fixed internet lobbies not showing the room key text
  • Adjusted texture compression to reduce game size


Windows (Development) 381 MB
Version 34 Dec 13, 2020
Linux (Development) 385 MB
Version 34 Dec 13, 2020
macOS (Development) 303 MB
Version 34 Dec 13, 2020

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