Version 34 Released - New User Experience, new cards, revamps

After 76 days, the new version of Fairtravel Battle is finally out!

This new version massively improves the look and feel of the game, as well as adds new features and ways to play!

What's New

New User Experience (UX)

Since dropping mobile support, we have considered that the current UI was far too large for PC screens. Additionally, we wanted to try a different visual look for the game. As a result, we spent a good portion of this time redesigning the UI and UX of the game. We believe it looks great!

New In-Game Look

We revamped the board layout once again, adding larger follower cards, better-looking attack/health indicators, all without sacrificing gameplay mechanics! We think the gameplay looks much better, and easier to watch card arts!

New Game Modes

New game modes have been added to this update, including Shuffle Duel, Growth Duel, and Solo Duel! These new ways to play are quite fun if you want to try something new!

New Cosmetics

New cosmetics have been added to the game! Several new card backs, avatars, and a new playmat are in this update! As usual, there are NO microtransactions to get them. You can get them from playing normally.

Additionally, due to the low usage of gold other than for purchasing booster packs, avatars and playmats are now purchaseable by gold.

New Hero Powers

Due to concerns about how the current hero powers were unfun, a new keyword has been introduced: Journey.

Journey reads "Journey X - After exactly X of your turns, perform an effect". It is an interesting buildup mechanic that typically has no cost, and lets us design interesting heroes that don't require spending resources to use.

There are two flavors, Hero Journey and regular Journey. Hero Journey are reserved for hero cards, to make them easier to understand.

New Feature: Weekly Chest

A new progression feature has been added, Weekly Chest. As you play, you'll earn chest points whether you win or lose, and the more level your chest has, the more rewards you'll earn on the next Monday.

This has been added to make the game more fun to play, since it gives players more things to do.  Due to reducing rewards over time, we were concerned that the game was unfun to unlock cards, so the weekly chest was added.

New card arts

Both Arfactus, Shade of Birth and Timoteo "Tim" Shattershot have received brand new art! These pieces were made by Azure Meraki and Titaniumskin, respectively.  They did an amazing job!

New Cards

These new cards were designed by Apollexis, who did a great job with them. If you'd like to discuss them, we're happy to get feedback at our discord!

Other Changes

  • Resource actions have swapped places (redraw on the left, gain resources on the right)
  • Rewards screen now has a tutorial and rewards should feel more rewarding
  • Removed the 5-win/3-loss rewards from all game modes
  • Galeran of the Forest is now a 2/2 (down from 3/3)
  • Berserking Stampede is now a Dark Weaver ability (instead of Brawler)
  • Explore effects now reveal the top 5 cards of your deck instead of the top 3 cards it wants to find, and puts the remaining cards on the bottom of the deck after picking
  • Adjusted texture compression, meaning the game is now smaller and looks better


This has been a very important update, and we think the game looks great right now. For the next update however, we're going to change plans a little bit.

The next update will be entirely focused on tech things, meaning it won't be very visible for players, as we'll focus on redoing the entire networking system for FTB. However, we're hopeful we'll also be able to add team lobbies and modes while doing so.

We're unsure how long it'll take, since it's going to be very complex, but we'll do our best to keep you guys updated and do minor balance and bugfix updates as we go along.

Thank you for playing, and we hope to see you again soon!


Windows (Stable) 381 MB
Version 34 Jan 03, 2021
Linux (Stable) 385 MB
Version 34 Jan 03, 2021
macOS (Stable) 303 MB
Version 34 Jan 03, 2021
Windows (Development) 381 MB
Version 34 Jan 03, 2021
Linux (Development) 385 MB
Version 34 Jan 03, 2021
macOS (Development) 303 MB
Version 34 Jan 03, 2021

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