Version 14 - Justice & Balancing Update

What's New

17 new Justice Affinity cards have been added. Check them out here.

Almost all other cards have been changed for balance purposes.

  • I have realised that a lot of the more expensively costed cards don't do enough to compensate for being more expensive, meaning that anyone playing with a more early game-optimized deck would have the upper hand, most likely. As a result, multiple cards have had their costs reduced and/or their effects have been changed

New Translation strings have been added for the UI

Two new prebuilt decks have been added: Life/Justice and Justice/Madness

Adjusted mobile support so you can drag your finger slightly when previewing a card and it won't start dragging immediately

A new card back has been added and replaced the old one:

Nature's Burst has been replaced:

Known Issues

Cards returned to the hand by Noble Owl keep their buffs and damage

Noble Knight triggers its effect when attacking a Hero or when your Hero attacks

Humble Seer does not properly move cards to the top or bottom

Sometimes the game might become unplayable. Until this is fixed, you can press the settings icon and choose to Quit the match and try again.

Nullify Magic does not trigger with Traps


Linux (Stable) 385 MB
Version 14 Jan 20, 2018
macOS (Stable) 303 MB
Version 14 Jan 20, 2018 187 MB
Version 14 Jan 20, 2018
Windows (Stable) 381 MB
Version 14 Jan 20, 2018
Android (Stable) 294 MB
Version 14 Jan 20, 2018

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