Version 15 - Quality of Life Update

What's New

An update notification now appears when you start the game if there's a new update on Clicking it will take you to the game site.

Changed the text on some options in the Main Menu

Made several changes to help fix the issues that cause the game to become unplayable;

Fixed an issue where Nullify Magic wouldn't trigger on Permanent Abilities

Fixed an issue where Humble Seer wouldn't move cards in the right order

Fixed an issue where cards returned to the hand by Noble Owl weren't being reset

Fixed an issue where Feeble Weakness affected all cards, rather than only its owner

Card Changes

Knightly Armor has changed:



  • The passive buff was proving to be too strong
  • Passive and cost was reduced to help with this situation

Grand Defender has changed



  • Grand Defender's design looks good, but it feels like it has too much health. Essentially, you're almost guaranteed to draw at least 3 cards with a single Grand Defender.
  • As a result, his health was reduced to 6

Noble Knight has changed



  • Noble Knight's effect is pretty strong, and at 3 attack it was far too strong against most other cards.
  • Its attack was reduced to 2 as a result.

Known Issues



Linux (Stable) 385 MB
Version 15 Jan 25, 2018
macOS (Stable) 303 MB
Version 15 Jan 25, 2018 187 MB
Version 15 Jan 25, 2018
Windows (Stable) 381 MB
Version 15 Jan 25, 2018
Android (Stable) 294 MB
Version 15 Jan 25, 2018

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