Version 35 Progress Report 2

Hello everyone. Sorry for the lack of progress updates, life has been getting in the way and as such it's a bit harder to do regular updates, but we'll try to do it more regularly again.

A lot of work has been done so far in Version 35, especially regarding the networking itself, which makes meaningful devlogs harder to do right now.

Currently, the new networking architecture is starting to look pretty good, the client still has a lot of bugs but works for the most part, and we're also working on a major feature that we desperately needed: Reconnection support

Reconnection is currently quite buggy as well, but we're slowly fixing bugs and things should start to look up really nicely very soon.

So  far, the following has been done for the networking architecture:

  • Server-emitted events
  • Hidden Information (client won't know where all cards are located anymore)
  • Server tells client of animations to play
  • Changes to card and player characteristics are transmitted to the client from the server
  • Player actions are also transmitted to the client from the server
  • Overall, there's barely any sort of game logic in the client while in a networked game, which is good for us since desyncs are easier to spot now
  • Due to these changes, we have already found several bugs that caused network desyncs before that have now been fixed.

Overall, this update is going to take a while longer but the development done already has helped the game improve significantly. We can't wait to have this ready for everyone, and for the major features that make the game unique to finally start development.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you so much for your support. It's our dream to make an amazing game that collectible card game lovers will truly enjoy.

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