Big Changes are Coming

Some big changes are coming to Fairtravel Battle, but they're being released piece by piece rather than in a larger update.

There's a lot we want to do to improve the quality and content of the game, but there have been some time restrictions that are slowing things down.

Here's a preview of the next few updates planned for Fairtravel Battle. This might change along the way, so please keep that in mind.

Version 16 - Quality of Life Update

  • Keyword Reminders - See what a card's keywords mean during a match and during deck editing
  • Interactive Tutorial -  Learn how to play the game in bite-sized matches that introduce you to concepts

Version 17 - Polish/Eye Candy Update

  • Game Board - A brand new game board to make the game more visually interesting

Version 18 - Polish/Eye Candy Update

  • Card Animations - Some card animations will be added with this update

Version 19 - Content Transition Update

  • The design of Fairtravel Battle's base set is being changed dramatically, to be more focused and flavorful than ever before. This update will include some of the new cards. More info on this will be announced when things are more consistent and we can give some previews on these changes.

These are all the planned changes for Fairtravel so far, but we hope to bring you some great improvements to make the game much more enjoyable!

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