Version 35 Devbuild 2 Out Now

Version 35 Devbuild 2 is finally out!

Here's what changed:

  • The new Networking system is pretty much complete, with some minor bugs left
  • Quest cards have been renamed to Adventure cards
  • Added a card pack tutorial in the collection screen and when purchasing packs for the first time
  • Fixed a bug where Undying could cause the returned card to keep buffs
  • Modding support has been re-enabled
  • Pack opening has been moved to the Lobby screen when picking a game mode. Packs you purchase can generally be opened in the Duel mode, and temporary packs are more clearly shown in modes such as Sealed and Draft.
  • Equipment that doesn't provide armor no longer is placed with the Armor Indicator
  • You can now reconnect when disconnected
  • Failing to reconnect will now properly allow you to go back to the main scene
  • You can now browse an entire zone for effects similar to Fetch
  • Changed default game profile lobby mode to CPU to prevent friction when trying to play
  • Cards are in the process of being updated as well, and there might be incomplete card effects in this build.

Note: Please notice that the server is forcing a disconnect every 30 seconds to help test the reconnect feature

This update is very close to completion! Tomorrow, there will be a small tournament in the FTB discord to test the networking system to help find any further bugs before we finish up the update. We can't wait to have this out so you can have a better experience and we can keep working on the next updates.

There'll be more meaningful content updates soon,  and we appreciate your support. Please try to be a little more patient, as we're working hard to get things done but there are only two people actively working on the game's code so it takes a while to get things done since we have full-time jobs as well.

Thank you, and have a good easter!


Windows (Development) 176 MB
Version 35 Apr 02, 2021
Linux (Development) 191 MB
Version 35 Apr 02, 2021
macOS (Development) 303 MB
Version 35 Apr 02, 2021

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