Regarding Delays

It might not be very noticeable, but I have been putting a ton of effort and work into Fairtravel Battle. I made 15 updates in about 3 months, and because I was so focused on getting as much content out as soon as possible, I ended up feeling exhausted from it. It also doesn't help that I've been pretty busy with my job - I often have late meetings and end up with little time to work on Fairtravel.

However, I am not here to say that you should not expect progress for a while. I am getting back into it after my short break, and I am super excited about all the things I want to add. You already know some of them from the previous Devlog, but I am also hoping to simplify some gameplay elements.

Essentially, I believe that the way combat works right now can be really slow if you have a ready Guardian or Armor. Too many interruptions, essentially.

After considering it, I believe the only good interruption should be occasional, not constant. Although I didn't want to dumb down combat, I feel like the way Armor and Guardians work is sluggish and annoying.

As a result, in a future patch, Guardians will passively block all attacks until they are dead or Resting, and Armor will give a passive Damage Prevention shield to the Hero, which you can reduce with each attack that turn. 

The next updates might change as well. Although the plan remains more or less the same, the Interactive Tutorial component might get moved to a later time, as it is proving to be quite the challenge.

I just want you all to know that I am very passionate about Fairtravel. I think about it every single day. I want to make Fairtravel a really fun, exciting, and enjoyable experience, worthy of your time. I am really excited for the future redesign of the core cards, and I really hope you will like it as much as I do!

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