Version 16 - Quality of Life/Eye Candy update

What's New

  • You must now drag cards in the deck editor instead of tapping them. On PC, you can either tap, or drag.
  • Menus have been simplified, so you don't see the options that are not currently implemented yet.
  • You can now zoom in on cards in the deck editor. On PC, you should right-click.

  • A new in-game interface has been added, alongside a new game board

  • There are now Keyword Reminders when previewing cards

  • There is now a short delay when playing cards

  • Armors now give a passive shield when you pass your turn

  • Guardians now protect all attacks as long as they are not resting

  • You can toggle the visibility of card option prompts so you can see the board

Known Issues

  • AI is currently not performing very well
  • The Hide button on card option prompts is misaligned in certain screen aspect ratios
  • The first time you start the game, it will not display the game board properly. If you start it a second time, it will work properly.

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Version 16 8 days ago
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