Version 17 Preview

I'm currently hard at work on Version 17, and I already have some pretty cool things to show you!

What's New

Game Mode Save Slots

  • Each game mode will have 4 save slots you can use to customize your experience
  • You can create and delete these at any time

Customizable Game Rules

  • Play the game your way, by customizing how it plays
  • This is only the first batch. More interesting game rule tweaks will be added in future updates!

New Card Frame Designs

  • Normal cards now look cooler and more interesting

  • New cards in action!

Full Art Promo Cards

  • These cards will be available in a future update, but are already in-game!
  • These will be Prestige cards in the future, earned during special events!

That's all for now. I hope you're as excited about the coming update as I am!

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