Delays, Version 17 Preview 2

Version 17 is still being developed, but unfortunately I've been having very little free time due to my job taking a lot of my time both during work hours and during post-work hours. However, I can show some progress on what's missing.

Version 17 will include interactive tutorials. You can learn the game interactively with four short tutorials on multiple categories:

Right now, two of the four tutorials are implemented. They take a while to get done, since they need to be tested carefully to guide a player. You can see the first tutorial here:

I'm not sure when this version is going to be released, but please believe me when I say that I am doing my best to get things done. Fairtravel Battle is very important to me, and I'm very passionate about the game.

I am hoping to start implementing the cards for the new card set, Adventurers of Fairtravel, after this update. If you'd like to look into the new cards that are being designed, you can have a look at the google sheets.

I look forward to getting things done! I hope you will love the next few updates.

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