Version 17 - Interactive Tutorials, Custom Game Rules, and Quality of Life

What's New

Save Slots

You can now use up to 4 Save Slots for each game mode!

Customizable Game Rules

You can now customize your game rules! Right now only a small amount of rules are available, but more will be added!

New Card Frame Designs

There are now new card frame design! These are not final, but definitely enhance the game!

Interactive Tutorials

There are now four interactive tutorials for new players! These are not final and might need some extra work in the future!

Discard extra cards at end of turn

Whenever you have too many cards on your hand, you'll have to discard those extra cards! No more crazy hand sizes!

Resource Card Outlines

Now, when you can't play a card but can use it as a resource, it gets a cyan outline!

Timoteo has changed

Timoteo is now a 4 Resource 3/3 card.

It felt like Timoteo was too strong in his previous form, so he was nerfed slightly to make it easier to deal with him.

Minor other improvements

Several other minor things have changed, including bugfixes.

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