Version 18 - Sealed Game Mode, Highlander Game Mode, Rewards, Booster Packs, Optimizations


You might remember that the previous devlog used to have a poll to help decide what I would work on next. The first option, New & Improved Card Set, was the far more voted option. I definitely wanted to work on that next, but I also want to start looking for a publisher to work with, to essentially solve my lack of resources. After all, it is quite clear that the game is lacking in eye candy. I've done a lot to improve that, but I'm simply too low on resources. I'm unable to hire an artist to help me out.

Considering the results of the last update, I thought I was ready to start looking for a publisher. But then I realized, that having more game content in the form of game modes and opening booster packs would probably cause a much better impression on a possible publisher. After thinking about it, and although I dislike going against the votes of the poll, I ended up deciding to try to do the booster pack content very quickly.

Thankfully, I have this week off, so I managed to get a ton of progress done very quickly, thus the new update already. However, I think that the new features are really good for the game, so I hope you will enjoy the new content!

What's New

Booster Packs

You can now open booster packs as part of any game mode that supports them!

  • You can earn booster packs from playing or from customizing your game modes
  • You can play booster pack game modes any way you want. Want to play Sealed with 60 packs instead of 20? Want to earn 10 packs each time you win instead of 1?
  • As said before, there are no microtransactions. Playing booster pack game modes is completely free, provided you have unlocked the necessary card set! (During development, all card sets are unlocked by default)
  • Currently, there are no card rarities. These are coming with the new card set!


You may now earn rewards from playing, such as earning a new booster pack as a victory price.

Sealed Game Mode

Sealed is a Pack game mode where you open 20 booster packs and make your deck(s) from those cards alone. You can customize how many packs you have (default is 20), or how many you earn after victory (default is 0, because this isn't usually a mode where you progress).

Highlander Game Mode

Highlander is a Duel game mode where you start with a small card collection and earn packs as you win, increasing your collection. You can customize how many packs you earn after victory (default is 1).


  • Several minor optimizations have been done that should allow the game to run much better on all platforms.
  • VSync has been enabled by default on PC, which should allow your PCs to not push too hard on the game.
  • Several memory optimizations have been done to make the game faster and use less memory.
  • The Collection screen should be faster while loading on mobile, although it will look slow either way due to there being no loading screen.

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Version 18 Apr 17, 2018
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Version 18 Apr 17, 2018
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Version 18 Apr 17, 2018
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Version 18 Apr 17, 2018
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Version 18 Apr 17, 2018

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