Finishing Fairtravel Battle

The previous devlog talks about some quite strong emotions. I have been pushing myself a lot to work on FTB, and I absolutely love the game.

To recap, I'm going to be finishing off FTB without finalizing my original goals: The amount of work required to finish the game is so high that it's not realistic to finish it in a reasonable timeframe and as a result, it's best to stop.

However, talking to the community and some friends in the industry, I have reached a better plan. Here is what's going to happen with FTB:

  • The next update, that introduces Team Battles, will be finalized and released, and then another update will be done to clean up the major issues with the game. After that, the game will be released on Steam for free, in maintenance mode, with a donation button in case anyone would like to support me or with the upkeep of the game servers. Some minor updates might happen over time, but the project is more or less done.
  • The tech I built for FTB will be reused for future projects. I made a very powerful card game kit that can be reused easily into other things, and that's what I'll be doing for new projects that should be much shorter and easier to finish.
  • I might also do more smaller updates over time to fix issues with balance or adjust cards so if there's a glaring issue that causes problems in the game, it can be fixed.

I am extremely thankful for the community's support since the announcement, and I feel blessed for having such a great community. I'll do my best to show you your beliefs are well earned. I can't wait to finish this and to give you a great experience!

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Do you think it would be possible to open the sources  of your game?

So that community can continue the work, your title is so great that it would be dramatic that it is lost.

I would but it uses several unity assets that people would need to purchase