Disclaimer: GDPR

As you most probably know, there's a new european law taking place soon, called the GDPR. It changes how people treat your personal information, giving you more power over your own privacy.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to properly set up for GDPR, and as a result, analytics have been disabled for a while on Fairtravel Battle. However, the code for them is still there, but there's nothing actually starting the analytics.

I kept the code around because it would be useful to keep it until I can reactivate analytics later, since they're really useful in general. But as I said, analytics are currently not operational, and the Google Tracking ID is in the process of being deleted.

I just wanted to post this to ensure everyone that you're not being tracked at all for now. Your privacy is safe. I wanted to have analytics so I could check how people are playing, to find problems with cards or how the game plays.

Thank you for your understanding.

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