6 Month Anniversary

It's been 6 months since the first public alpha of Fairtravel Battle was released in itch.io.

Well, that was actually yesterday. Between then, I've had almost 1600 views and 450 downloads, and released 21 updates, with update 22 already being worked on. Among other things, these are the current game features:

  • 90 cards
  • Duel mode, where you battle with your friends with a fully unlocked card pool
  • Collector mode, where you start with a small collection and earn booster packs whenever you win a match. The amount of which you can customize to your liking, for no extra cost!
  • Sealed mode, where you build your own card pool from booster packs, the amount of which you can also customize, no strings attached
  • Explorer mode, which is inspired by deck building games, where you pick a new card to add to your deck every turn
  • Customizable experience. You can change game and rules settings and keep save slots for each game mode
  • Play offline, play online, or play in a local network!
  • Battle the Artificial Intelligence if you feel like playing solo!
  • Play on Windows, Linux, macOS, or Android!

I just wanted to thank everyone who actually tried the game and had fun with it. It makes me really happy that so many people gave it a shot, even as an alpha that doesn't really look all that great.

The new set that is going to replace the current one, Adventurers of Fairtravel, is almost finished with the initial design, and it's being added to the game in the next couple updates. I am hopeful that the new cards with refined designs will make the game an incredible experience!

Thank you so much once again for trying the game. I look forward to making it better and better.

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