Version 24 - New collectible card game experience

Fairtravel Battle has always been about being a cheaper, customizable alternative to collectible card games. A way to play them, without spending a ton of money just to play at a decent position.
The past version 23 achieved that decently, but it failed in some ways:

  • Being able to customize rewards ended up making the collecting aspect moot, when you could just earn 999 packs from a single game
  • FTB lacked an actual progression system you could work with to slowly (or quickly) collect cards in a natural way
  • The main menu was primitive and it took a whole 9 clicks just to set up a battle versus the CPU

Version 24 reworks the entire experience, adds some new art, and overall feels like a much more complete experience.

What's New

New Main Menu

The new main menu gives you an overview on both game currencies - Gold, which you get from winning games and daily quests; And Fame, which you get from playing in general or destroying cards. You cannot buy either of these currencies for real life money.

You can also see the list of daily quests and quick access to the main modes - Duel, Explorer, and Sealed.

Play Menu

In this menu, you can pick from the list of all game modes, and create custom game modes with custom rules. You can also play competitive modes, or modes like Full Duel, which give you the whole card pool, so you don't have to collect cards if you just want to play.

Custom Games

Customize rules in several ways in the mode settings menu.

Shop Menu

Buy packs with your gold in the shop menu.

Pack menu

Open packs in the pack menu

Collection Menu

Manage your collection and create decks

Create and Destroy cards

Use your fame to create cards, and gain fame from destroying cards

Lobby Menu

Pick how you want to play - Online, local network, or versus the CPU.

Competitive Modes

Battle your friends for prizes in competitive duel and sealed modes.

New Game Board

What's coming next

I've been working on FTB for 8 months since the release. I've been working almost every single day, after being done with my day job. Unfortunately, this update has been really taxing for me. 65 days of work, 107 tasks, massive rework of the entire experience.

I feel like FTB is much better now. Being able to quickly collect enough gold to buy 3 packs just from doing daily quests, having no microtransactions of any kind, being able to craft and destroy cards using fame, custom modes, full duel modes, etc. All these things make FTB a really fun experience.

I am going to take a month-long break, starting today. I might release some updates in the meanwhile to fix any big bugs, but nothing big. FTB is still in alpha, there's plenty to do, and I don't want to keep self-pressuring myself to release updates in a timely manner if it means I'll feel awful along the way. It's like a self-implied crunch period. And it lasted a long time, this time.

I feel like the future of FTB is a bright one. I might not be able to regain the money I invest when it's completed, but I still feel like this is the kinda game that needs to be made. I look forward to creating amazing new things over the coming months.

Thank you for being around and for trying or at least looking at FTB. I am very glad some of you actually like the game so far.

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Version 24 Aug 12, 2018
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