Version 25 Preview - Playmats, card animations

Version 25 is already well underway, and is the second major update to the game's looks. In this upcoming update, you'll be able to pick one of two playmats for a deck, which will appear on your side of the board, and 69 card animations will be added to the game.


One of the features I wanted to introduce for a while are playmats. These let you customise your side of the field, and you can customise a deck's associated playmat in the deck editor.

This is how it looks like when customising your playmat for a deck.

And this is how it looks like in-game.

Card animations

Something that's been lacking in the game is a way to see how things are happening. In this update, several card animations are being introduced.

Other minor things are changing, including a custom cursor, which you can see in the gif above. You can follow on the progress of this update, in the form of an image album, or you can join our discord, and reddit community. There's also Development Builds you can download to try new updates before they're out!

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