Version 26 - iOS support, Draft mode, mulligan, deck copy/paste, quality of life improvements

What's New


Due to this update removing some cards and changing the way game profiles work, your profile will be reset when you start the game from this update.

iOS Support

There's now iOS support through TestFlight! You can find the link to sign up at the main page, or you can click here.

New Mode: Draft

Draft has been added to the game! Draft allows you to pick cards from random booster packs until you have 60 cards, after which you can make a deck to battle the CPU or another player for prizes, just like the competitive duel mode!
Each time you select a card, the amount of cards on the next pick get reduced, until you run out. After which, you'll start over at 6 cards!

New Feature: Mulligan

Mulligan allows you to redraw cards from your starting hand, allowing you to get rid of cards that won't be helpful for you.

Resource Indicators

Resource indicators have been added to help you see where your cards go when you use them to gain resources. In addition, cards in your hand have larger cost indicators so it's easier to see how much they cost.

New Feature: Deck Copy-Paste

You can now copy and paste decks. To do so, you must click the Copy button, and the game will automatically detect if you have a valid copied deck while you play.

An example of a copied deck is like so:

// Deck Name: Deckaroo
// Hero: Stormbringer Alarna (Passion/Madness)
// Cards:
// 4x Lightning Bolt
// 4x Elemental Kin
// 3x Brutal Strength
// 1x Rage Bringer
// 4x Desecrated Beast
// 2x Crunch
// 4x Blazing Longsword
// 1x Redan Broker
// 3x Lich Lord
// 3x Flame Burst
// 1x Feeble Weakness
// 30 Cards

Misc Improvements

Other improvements include:

  • Reduced end turn sound volume
  • Changed collections to add a card to a deck on tap, but allow for zooming in on long press, on mobile, for easier deck building
  • Removed Full Duel mode and Full Pool rule, as that made players play that mode exclusively due to having all the cards
  • Weapons now cost 0 resources to swing when you play them
  • You can now preview your deck's hero by pressing on it while editing a deck
  • Improvements to fairness in AI lobbies
  • Removed armor cards
  • Rebalanced Collective Gathering to cost (2) to draw a card instead of always drawing a card
  • Lots of minor bug fixes

What's Next

My goal after this update is to finalize and release the first draft of the Adventurers of Fairtravel card set, which will replace the current cards you currently see. I hope to have something to show soon. However, please understand that this will be a series of huge updates, since there'll be 134 cards being added, almost twice as many as we currently have (We currently have about 75 cards). As a result, each update will take a while.

Thank you so much for sticking with Fairtravel Battle this whole time. I am proud of the work I've accomplished so far, and I hope to make Fairtravel Battle a really awesome card game!


Windows (Stable) 381 MB
Version 26 Nov 11, 2018 187 MB
Version 26 Nov 11, 2018
macOS (Stable) 303 MB
Version 26 Nov 11, 2018
Linux (Stable) 385 MB
Version 26 Nov 11, 2018
Android (Stable) 294 MB
Version 26 Nov 11, 2018

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