Minor update - Been sick, and what's coming next

Shortly before my break from the last update ended, I got sick and I'm still getting over it. As a result, I've not really been able to work much on Fairtravel Battle. 

The next update will include, among other things, a proper reconnection feature, a news system, being able to pick a hero for Explorer mode, and card rebalancing. So far, the following changes have been done already:

  • Flame Lord no longer triggers with enemy elementals and deals damage to heroes only instead of all enemy followers.
  • Superior Mage is now a 4 Cost 2/2 with "Tactician. Your abilities and permanent abilities cost 1 less".
  • Nalari Outfitter now uses the Special feature (It glows orange if it's effect can trigger).
  • Collective Gathering's power now only costs 1 resource instead of 2 to draw a card.

That's about it for this small update. I hope to recover soon and to finish this update soon.

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