Version 38 Update 17 - QOL improvements, rebalancing

Balance Changes

  • Enrage now gives +x/+X instead of +X attack
  • Explorer's map now costs 2 (up from 1)
  • Nurturing Elemental now costs 2 (down from 3)
  • Redan Captain now has 5 health (down from 6)
  • Rush now costs 1 (down from 2)
  • Soaring Elemental now has 2 health (up from 1)
  • Soulite Sword now has 3 attack (up from 2)
  • Tarin Spellburst's second level up effect is now "Gain untargetable by opponents", and he no longer is untargetable by default
  • Treasure Dragon now has an additional effect of "At the end of your turn, ready this"
  • Varlari Vanguard now has its effects swapped: first, put +1/+1 on a target on discard. second, deal damage with followers that have +1/+1 counters; third: EOT draw a card then discard a card
  • Gold per win changed to 20 (up from 15)
  • Updated crafting costs to: Commons: 150 (up from 100), Uncommon: 250 (down from 300); rare: 400 (down from 500), epic: 600 (down from 1200), legendary: 1000 (down from 2000)
  • Reduced Explore, Heal Damage, Play <CARD TYPE> daily quest steps to 5


  • Updated collection card zom to show arrows on the card style swaps
  • Added mulligan selection visual indicator
  • Decks with CPU use disabled show an indicator
  • Updated tutorial window arrows to be clearer
  • When you open a deck, the collection filters will auto select the essences the deck has
  • Modding: Added support for characteristic overrides and disabling some characteristics from being validated by the server
  • Added descriptions to reward kinds in reward track
  • Fixed generated AI decks to no longer have extra cards
  • While building a deck, you can now exceed the deck size limi, but it will be invalid for play unless it has the correct amount of cards
  • Updated fullart card styles
  • Removed Heal Damage quest
  • Fixed bugs with negative attack in combat
  • Fixed a bug with redan thief triggering after dealing damage to a follower and surviving
  • Adjusted prompt hide/show behaviours to hide buttons too
  • Improved resource drop UX
  • Updated multiessence sprite
  • Fixed Grave Aura buff that was misconfigured


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Version 38 78 days ago
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Version 38 78 days ago
Android (Stable) 177 MB
Version 38 78 days ago
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Version 38 78 days ago
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Version 38 78 days ago
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Version 38 78 days ago

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