Version 29 Preview - New Cards, New Animations


I've been working on Version 29 for a while and feel it's been taking quite a while to be ready. At first I was hoping to add 24 new cards, but I saw several things about the game experience that I feel need to be fixed first. I changed my perspective to focus on improving the game experience as much as possible, adding the most important features, and focusing on new content later.

What's Coming

Amanda's New Form

Amanda has been upgraded, and now has a much more interesting form:

New Menu Art

New icons have been added to the main menu

New Card Type: Adventurer

Adventurers are flexible, powerful followers. Here's two of the four Adventurers coming in the next update:

New Hero Power Art

There's new icon art for each hero power:

New Official Art

New art for the Treasure Dragon card by Jasper Huxley

New Defeat Animation

Other Minor Changes

  • The CPU is slightly smarter, making some better decisions regarding Guardians, Tacticians, and targets to remove
  • Game Data can now be downloaded, so you don't have to download the entire game each time there's an update, unless it changes how the game generally works in a technical way.
  • There's a new game options screen with categories.
  • Minor modding is now possible by modifying the downloaded game data. Playing with other players while modding requires using the LAN Lobby mode, which works online as well.
  • There are other minor animation changes, such as when a unit attacks.
  • Death and Decay now costs 6 resources to play.
  • The game now properly respects VSync frame rates for PC players .

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