Version 38 Update 19 - Balance Changes, more card art, bugfixes!

Some of the changes in this update have been applied as game data updates in the past, but I'm consolidating everything in this post!

Balance Changes

  • Changed Black Market cost to 2 (down from 3)
  • Changed Crustacean Recruit to mill 2 (up from 1)
  • Changed Grove Tyrant to 7-mana 7/7 (from 5-mana 6/6)
  • Changed Sludge Elemental's darkness cost to 2 (down from 3)
  • Changed Sludge Elemental's discard effect mana cost to 2 (down from 3)
  • Changed Undead Mob's cost to 2 (down from 4)
  • Changed Greatsword of Agility to epic rarity
  • Changed Warrant to rare rarity
  • Changed Flames of Greed cost to 2 (down from 3)
  • Changed Enrage, Lifestream Ritual, and Soar to have an additional effect "Last Words - Draw a card"
  • Changed Fireball to 1-cost 1-passion and replaced rules text with "Deal 2 damage to target character"
  • Changed Lord cycle (Al'Kai, Master Golem, Flame Master, King of Beasts, Master of Undeath) cost to 3 and health to 3
  • Renamed Tainted Beast to Cursed Beast
  • Changed Necromancer tribe to Varlari Lari and renamed to Varlari Necromancer
  • Redesigned Supplies card effect to "Restore 2 health to target follower, then choose one, where X is the damage restored: * Deal X damage to target character; * Put X +1/+1 counters on target follower; * Summon X 1/1 Life beast tokens"

Other Changes

  • Updated Sludge Elemental's card art and renamed the card to Slimy
  • Added card art for Hunted, Obliterate, Redan Commander, Grove Arms, Master Golem, Redan Mender, Golem Factory, Master of Undeath, Undead Mob, Redan Captain, Redan Fruit Merchant, Purifier's Greatsword, Shadow Assassin, Necromancer
  • Fixed booster pack rarity rolls as they were a bit unreliable
  • Changed Epic drop chance to 35% (up from 20%)
  • Changed Legendary drop chance to 20% (up from 10%)
  • Cleaned up rules formatting and other translations
  • Fixed Explore not revealing drawn cards
  • Added foil effect to flamingo bundle cards
  • Fixed UI overlap while doing a prompt that browses a zone
  • Added logic to avoid getting mass repeated rares when mass opening packs
  • Fix steam lobby display not being correctly aligned or having the right font


Windows (Stable) 176 MB
Version 38 15 days ago
Linux (Stable) 191 MB
Version 38 15 days ago
Android (Stable) 177 MB
Version 38 15 days ago
Windows (Development) 176 MB
Version 38 15 days ago
Linux (Development) 191 MB
Version 38 15 days ago
Android (Development) 177 MB
Version 38 15 days ago

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