Version 30 Preview - Modding, new game board, more polish

I'm back from my break, and have been working on Fairtravel Battle these past few weeks. My goal for this next update is more Quality of Life and polish improvements.

New game board, card tilting

Something coming to Fairtravel Battle is a new game board, which you can see here, and a new card tilting feature, which acts somewhat similar to how Hearthstone does it. I didn't do it specifically to be more similar to hearthstone, but I thought it would add a more fun element to things.

New Game Over Screen

There's a new game over screen which shows your rewards and success in a more polished way.

Modding and game data download

Game Data download has been a thing since a couple updates ago, but it will completely change with the new modding system. You'll be able to modify a lot of the game, although not everything. A proper modding guide will be finished by the time the new update is out. You will be able to modify things such as, add or replace playmats, card backs, cards, board layouts, and textures.


I hope this update sounds interesting for you guys. In addition to all this, I'm trying to get some CPU battle improvements, although that's not being easy right now. I can't wait to show you more!

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Welcome back. Tilting and game over animations looks nice.

Glad you think so! There's plenty more coming :)