Version 30 Devbuild 4 - Emote system, code modding support, new base playmat

What's New

  • Added zoom in to hero powers
  • Added emote system
  • Added support for mods that use code
  • Added artist details to cards
  • Replaced base playmat with new Forest Lake playmat
  • Added deck points when picking a hero

What's Next

This should be the last update before the final version 30 comes out. There's a lot of testing ahead, but I hope to release the new update in 1-2 weeks from now. Sorry for taking so long, this update is pretty huge!

Thank you very much for playing.


Windows (Development) 381 MB
Version 30 Aug 03, 2019
Linux (Development) 385 MB
Version 30 Aug 03, 2019
macOS (Development) 303 MB
Version 30 Aug 03, 2019
Android (Development) 294 MB
Version 30 Aug 03, 2019

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