Version 33 Release - New card types, new classes, new booster pack format, and more!

(These patch notes will have no images due to technical difficulties with my main work PC)

Version 33 is finally out! It's been a little over a couple months but it's still much better than Version 32 taking eight months to complete.

A lot of things were changed, in big part thanks to Apollexis's help. Without further ado, here are the highlights:


New card types

Version 33 introduces the new Quest card type. These cards can only be used in resource actions and when they do, they're placed on the quest zone instead of the deck. You can complete a quest once by fulfilling its requirements and putting it on your discard pile afterwards.

Quests allow for smoother gameplay when you're in need of cards or a cool effect, so they can be very useful.

There's also Attachments. Attachments are permanent abilities that have a target when they're played, and they perform an effect while that target is in a valid zone.

Dozens of new cards

Many new cards were introduced in this update!

New 16:9 and higher aspect ratio focus

Due to dropping mobile support, FTB can now focus on wider and larger screens. As a result, we can now have a lot more cards in the game for each player! This means, a lot more possible strategies can now be done.

The Main Menu hasn't changed much, however. We plan to redo the main menu once again in the future, as it is certainly too large right now.

New Booster Pack Experience

Booster packs have been redesigned due to how hard it was to be able to build decks.

New profiles now start the game with 20 free packs, while profiles both old and new now have 18-card booster packs instead of 6-card packs.

The new booster packs are composed of:

  • 10 commons
  • 5 uncommons
  • 3 slots that can each either be rare, epic, or legendary

As a result of this change and because you get a lot more cards, the crafting costs of cards has changed considerably.

Crafting a card currently costs:

  • Commons: 100
  • Uncommons: 300
  • Rares: 1000
  • Epics: 2500
  • Legendaries: 7000

These values are not final and will be tweaked if it becomes hard to get cards.

Please keep in mind that cards give half their value as you destroy them for renown (reward/crafting points), and that each pack has three chances to get more than rare value.

New Profiles have a starting collection

New Profiles now get the starter deck cards added to their collections!

New Keywords

New Keyword: Second Wind - While your hero has 16 or less health, perform an additional effect

New Keyword: Ruthless - While an opposing hero has 16 or less health, perform an additional effect

New Keyword: Persistent - The first time this dies, return it to the field

New Classes: Brawler and Mage

Brawler and Mage have been re-introduced to the game, with brand new cards!

Other Minor Changes

  • Added new card pack opening animation
  • Added Extended Frame reward
  • Updated default decks
  • Draw+ now triggers at turn 7
  • Field zone now has a limit of 7 followers instead of 6
  • Re-Introduced Clairvoyance card ability
  • Updated all heroes' hero power to be a single 1/game passive power
  • Renamed Party to Deploy
  • Added Rest icon
  • Added one-time tutorials for screens
  • New board layout that takes better advantage of standard PC aspect ratios
  • Updated art for most cards
  • Updated card frames

A Word on Modding and Custom Game Modes

Due to wanting to focus more on the central experience for FTB, and due to these features never being used, they're temporarily disabled on stable builds (indev builds would still have them, but right now indev and stable are both the same).

It's a sad moment to do so as we really wanted to make an awesome customization/workshop community but right now it's not worth it, especially since you can easily cheat through it by e.g., giving yourself the entire collection through a mod.

Regarding Custom Game Modes, we're considering returning them in a simplified manner.

So What's Happening Next?

The next update is already under way and we already have a working prototype, but a lot of details need to be done. We know the next goal though: Raids and Team Battles.

If you think you would not know enough people to play with for those modes, that won't be a problem, since you can play with CPUs as partners or enemies.

This next update will be a Major Update, so it should take about two months or so. Since it requires an overhaul to the networking system and a new lobby system, it might take a bit longer, but we're aiming for those two months as the deadline.

There will be one week before we resume working on it, so we can rest a bit from the last update.

Completing this update will allow us to reach our target main features further, which would only be missing the RPG Mode afterwards. If we're able to do so before the end of December, that means we'll definitely be able to hit our June target for the Steam Summer Games Festival.

After all the major features are in-game, we'll finally be working especially on maintenance and content updates, to fix as many bugs as we can and improve performance/quality of life. We want to redo the entire main menu once again since we're no longer targeting Mobile platforms, so it's a priority target to do so soon, perhaps even after the next update.

Final Words

This update was way smoother than the last and we're hoping to keep up the momentum. Thank you so much for keeping up with us!


Windows (Stable) 176 MB
Version 33 Oct 18, 2020
Linux (Stable) 191 MB
Version 33 Oct 18, 2020
macOS (Stable) 303 MB
Version 33 Oct 18, 2020
Windows (Development) 176 MB
Version 33 Oct 18, 2020
Linux (Development) 191 MB
Version 33 Oct 18, 2020
macOS (Development) 303 MB
Version 33 Oct 18, 2020

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