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Fairtravel Battle

a fantasy collectible card game with unique, flexible, yet familiar gameplay · By LittleCodingFox


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Version 38 Update 14 - Improved AI features and deckbuilding
Changes Changed Purifier's Greatsword to 6-cost (up from 4-cost) Added support for creating decks with cards you don't own, which can be played by CPU players A...
6 files — 38
Version 38 Update 13 - Balancing and AI improvements
(Yes, I know there's been a lot of updates! But things are changing rapidly) Changes Updated default decks and increased gold per win to 25 to compensate for th...
6 files — 38
Version 38 Updat 12 - More QOL
Changes Many AI improvements Adjusted Fountain Elemental and Darkness Hunter to have their effect as "X where X is half your <ESSENCE> + 1" Changed Restoring th...
6 files — 38
Hotfix for 09-04-2024
Changes Modding: Fixed a bug where invalid default decks would cause the profile to not be created properly...
6 files — 38
Version 38 Update 11 - More Quality of Life
Changes Added several new daily quests Adjusted in-game economy as it is currently too generous and getting a full collection takes less than a week Improved co...
Version 38 Update 10 Minor Update 1
Changes Fixed Flame Burst showing the card being played twice Several improvements for the AI Improved multicolor filtering in the collection screen so that car...
6 files — 38
Version 38 Update 10 - Quality of Life update
This update focuses especially on fixing bugs and adding some quality of life (QOL) features. Changes Cleaned up assets to reduce the size of the game considera...
6 files — 38
Hotfix for 17-03-24
This update fixes a critical issue with CPU logic that made the CPU barely act...
6 files — 38
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i made some video for you :D
started by Coconut Mousse Sep 02, 2018
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