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Fairtravel Battle

Collectible card game with no microtransactions! · By LittleCodingFox


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Version 36 Out Now
This is going to be one of the last updates for FTB, as detailed in recent devlogs. I wanted to at least get this out before I completely stopped. I'll still do...
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Finishing Fairtravel Battle
The previous devlog talks about some quite strong emotions. I have been pushing myself a lot to work on FTB, and I absolutely love the game. To recap, I'm going...
Quitting FTB
It's hard to write this as I've spent so long working on this game. But at the same time, the amount of work required to finish it is just too much. I've done t...
Version 36 Progress Report 5
What's New Development Builds Since the last progress report, development builds have become available in the Steam Playtest! You can now try out in-development...
Version 36 Development Build 2 Out Now!
What's New Fixes to team battles Added support for swapping player slots (will be needed for raids) Initial work on scenarios and raids (although not visible pu...
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Fairtravel Battle 4th Development Anniversary
Another year goes by, and now Fairtravel Battle is 4 years old! At least, we've been developing it for 4 years now! There's still a long way to go, but we're sl...
Version 36 Development Build 1 Out Now!
Introduction At long last, a the first Version 36 devbuild is finally available! This devbuild introduces many things, but the biggest focus is the support of t...
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Version 36 Progress Report 4
What's new? Team Battles have been progressing well! It's now possible to run CPU lobby team battles as well as LAN battles! Here's a video showing some gamepla...
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i made some video for you :D
started by Coconut Mousse Sep 02, 2018
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