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Fairtravel Battle

a fantasy collectible card game with unique, flexible, yet familiar gameplay · By LittleCodingFox


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Regarding the Unity controversy, and state of the game
Hello everyone, I hope you're well. I wanted to spend some time to write a statement on both the Unity game engine controversy and to talk about the current sta...
Hotfix and Balance Patch
Note: This was previously released on September 17th but was accidentally not published until now. A few issues were found with the last patch. After several ho...
6 files — 37
Balance and Accessibility Patch
Note: Since making a release is very time-consuming, from now on images will only be used in patch notes if strictly necessary. Changes Clarified Redan Thief ru...
6 files — 37
Hotfix Patch for 07-09-23
This patch fixes several issues that were introduced with recent changes. Changes Fixed an issue where card styles were being applied while missing data, result...
6 files — 37
Full Art Update (again), Improved card style support
Changes Implemented another improved full art format Changed Redan Thief to trigger only once Implemented fullart style for all non-generic-asset art cards Fixe...
6 files — 37
Balance, Art, and Card Style Update
This update introduces some balance changes to some cards, new art for several cards, and a big change to the Full Art card style. Note: Due to the large amount...
6 files — 37
Bugfixes and new Art
Changes Added new art for Gift of Life, Justice Core, Life Core, and Larial "Toolbox" Rine Fixed an issue with the steam invite button Added Easy CPUs option in...
6 files — 37
Hotfix Patch for 12-08-23
This patch fixes a critical bug caused by the animation for Shadow Grip that makes a match unplayable. Other Changes Fixed Steam Invite Button on team screen Im...
6 files — 37
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i made some video for you :D
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