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Fairtravel Battle

Fun, cheap, and customizable collectible card game! · By LittleCodingFox


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iOS Development Builds now available!
At long last, you can play Fairtravel Battle in iOS. Right now, only development builds are available, but when Version 26 is out, you'll be able to subscribe t...
Fairtravel Battle turns 1 year old
Today, Fairtravel Battle has turned 1 year old. It has only been in for 10 months, but this day basically marks the time I started working on it as a pr...
Version 25 - Playmats, card animations, new mechanic, card balancing
Foreword Before I get into the update details, I'd like to explain some things. Due to me being a bit too hard on myself, this update is coming out earlier than...
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Version 25 Preview - Playmats, card animations
Version 25 is already well underway, and is the second major update to the game's looks. In this upcoming update, you'll be able to pick one of two playmats for...
Version 24 - New collectible card game experience
Fairtravel Battle has always been about being a cheaper, customizable alternative to collectible card games. A way to play them, without spending a ton of money...
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Version 24 Preview 2
Version 24 is still being worked on, but with it being such a huge difference, it's taking quite a while. It's now been 51 days since I started working on it, a...
Version 24 Preview - New Player Experience
What's Coming Version 24 has been in development for a while, and is the biggest, most impactful update yet! I realise that the way Fairtravel works right now...
Version 23 - Updated Life Cards, Music, Sounds
What's New Music and Sound Music and Sound has been added to the game! There is only a small amount of sounds in the game right now. Expect the next few updates...
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