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Fairtravel Battle

a fantasy collectible card game with unique, flexible, yet familiar gameplay · By LittleCodingFox


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Fairtravel Battle 7th Development Anniversary Update - Happy birthday!
Today, 22nd july 2024, marks 7 years since Fairtravel Battle started being developed! It's been quite the journey, and we're reaching a very important milestone...
6 files — 38
Version 38 Update 19 - Balance Changes, more card art, bugfixes!
Some of the changes in this update have been applied as game data updates in the past, but I'm consolidating everything in this post! Balance Changes Changed Bl...
6 files — 38
Version 38 Update 18 - Minor Update
Note: Some changes were recently made with a remote game data update, meaning they were already in the game. If you noticed some sudden changes, that's why! Kno...
6 files — 38
Version 38 Update 17 - QOL improvements, rebalancing
Balance Changes Enrage now gives +x/+X instead of +X attack Explorer's map now costs 2 (up from 1) Nurturing Elemental now costs 2 (down from 3) Redan Captain n...
6 files — 38
Version 38 Update 16 - Rebalancing, More QOL
Changes Balance Changes Crustacean Recruit now mills for 1 card (down from 2) Redan Commander no longer gives a stat buff and no longer has Tactician Redan Capt...
6 files — 38
Version 38 Update 15 - Economy Rebalance, More QOL
This update attempts to solve some economy balancing issues and improve functionality overall. Changes Increased legendary pack price to 500g, to be more in lin...
6 files — 38
Version 38 Update 14 - Improved AI features and deckbuilding
Changes Changed Purifier's Greatsword to 6-cost (up from 4-cost) Added support for creating decks with cards you don't own, which can be played by CPU players A...
6 files — 38
Version 38 Update 13 - Balancing and AI improvements
(Yes, I know there's been a lot of updates! But things are changing rapidly) Changes Updated default decks and increased gold per win to 25 to compensate for th...
6 files — 38
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i made some video for you :D
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